Proactively monitoring networks in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, gaining valuable insight into your environment while accelerating threat detection, incident response and compliance management.


Enhanced Visibility Into The Phases Of A Cyber Attack

The cyber kill chain defense method allows you to create a prioritization strategy that avoids the pitfalls of a time-, asset-, or data source-based approach. By thinking like an attacker, you can target assets that are truly at risk (whether or not they are considered “valuable” from a business perspective). Vulnerability-based models fall apart in comparison because they focus on the perceived weakness in the infrastructure without any proof that those weaknesses are of value to an attacker.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence is a critical component to combat advanced threats using a wide range of collection and analysis techniques such as, honeypot deployment analysis, security artifact analysis and attacker profile analysis, enabling our team of cyber experts to identify attackers, their victims, methods and intents.

Monitoring also adds an internal layer of protection against cloud threats and an insight into external threat vectors. Without monitoring there is no way to prove who is responsible for an attack, who got in and how to prevent it from happening again.

Cybersafe’s alarm dashboard brings visibility of the stages of an attack and helps inform ways to protect and organization’s network.

Cybersafe Solutions offers the most complete solution against the advanced threats that target your endpoints and servers, making it easier for you to see – and immediately stop those threats. Cybersafe’s lightweight endpoint sensor allows for continuous real-time visibility into all activity on every computer.


Endpoint Threat Detection & Incident Response That Empowers 100% Transparency Into Root Cause

Deconstructing the moment of compromise

When prevention inevitably fails, detection becomes critical. Cybersafe’s Endpoint Monitoring allows our team of cyber experts to understand patterns of attack behavior, determine root cause of an attack, and ultimately contain and disrupt attacks before significant damage occurs.

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Our cyber defense experts are armed with a deep knowledge of security practices and a wide range of a nationally recognized certifications in the IT & cyber security industries. Cybersafe’s specialists utilize a proactive approach that focuses on people, process and technology for a truly effective cyber defense. Our team follows best industry practices by prioritizing and implementing a list of security controls based upon the latest security frameworks to mitigate risk, loss and liability.

GIAC Continuous
Monitoring Certification

GIAC Certified
Incident Handler

GIAC Certified
Forensic Analyst

GIAC Certified
Intrusion Analyst

GIAC Certified
Auditing Wireless Networks Certification

GIAC Certified
Unix Security Administrator

GIAC Certified
Network Penetration Testing

Certified Information
Systems Security Professional

GIAC certification holders are recognized as experts in the industry and are sought after globally by government, military and industry leaders to protect the cyber environment.

Cybersafe’s team employs specialized industry expertise to develop and customize strategies that produce robust and dynamic protective security capabilities. Our team is comprised of experts in incident response management, advanced digital forensics, continuous security monitoring and enterprise security assessments.

We provide the unique ability to combine deep security expertise across strategy, technology and operations–offering clients an enterprise-wide security program to protect, detect,and respond to advanced threats and attacks 24/7.


Cybersafe employs customized solutions that offer clients a cost-effective security plan that’s right for your organization.
Protect your critical business information and place full-time cybersecurity management responsibility on the shoulders of
Cybersafe, taking the day-to-day cybersecurity burden off your IT staff by monitoring your network 24/7/365.

Don’t Wait Until A Threat Becomes an Attack

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Your Threat Hunting Service well exceeded our expectations. We were amazed by the number of findings and security deficiencies discovered during the engagement. Their prioritized cybersecurity roadmap allowed our IT team to quickly address our issues in a timely fashion while significantly reducing our exposure.

Tom F.Financial Advisory Firm

We were looking to hire an outside firm to perform a HIPAA Risk Assessment for our healthcare organization. Their Threat Hunting Service provided not only a comprehensive risk assessment of our environment, but they also detected and disrupted a cyber attack during the assessment. That one attack was convincing enough to sign up for their continuous monitoring service. Go with a trusted security advisor like Cybersafe. You will be happy that you did.

Len N.Healthcare Organization

I thought our environment was secure because we had firewalls and antivirus. It wasn’t until after we started using Cybersafe’s Threat Monitoring platform did we realize we were making assumptions. We can now sleep at night knowing our environment is being watched with the added benefit that we’re also compliant with SEC regulations and guidelines.

Joe M.Financial Advisory Firm